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Are you ready to take advantage of the millions of mobile phone and online users around you?

The beautiful thing about AppCity is that we don’t just do apps. We do a whole bunch of cool geeky things that ensure that all your e-commerce bases are covered. Just like a decent recipe has many ingredients, a modern marketing presence requires your business to have a variety of digital engagement portals. As the proverb goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

App Development

On average, you spend more than 80% of the time on your phone in an app. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why?” The answer would probably be “why not?”… because apps are convenient, they add value to our lives and our businesses. It’s time to join the business app revolution and develop your app to add value to your business, your clients and your suppliers.

IT Business Consulting

We believe in disrupting the way things have been done. We believe in thinking differently. We challenge companies to step outside their traditional systems and step into the wonders of the digital age and we help them each step of the way. Let us analyse and identify new avenues for business growth and passive revenues for your company.

Email Campaigns

AppCity’s approach to email marketing is very simple: we make your clients buy. We do this through the use of targeted, strategised and engaging content. As a specialist digital marketing agency, we use a data-driven approach including thorough testing and analysis to enhance email performance and conversion. We’ve helped clients of all sizes turn email into a profitable marketing channel. If you have any questions please get in touch, we’d love to have a chat about your business goals.

Website Design

Whether you are looking to upgrade your online presence so that it is in alignment with the quality and professionalism of your products and services… or start a fresh new project from concept… you need an experienced, honest and understandable tech person. With AppCity, you will be nurtured each step of the way, with total transparency and no overpromising.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram… most social platforms are engaged with on an “in app” basis. This is what has lead our to discover, learn and tap into social media channels that can transform your lead generation efforts from engagement into results. Our sales funnel social strategy achieve results not just likes. Contact us for a free 1 hour social media consultation valued at R500. We can assist you in finding, connecting and engaging with new prospects online.

Branding & Graphic Design

Des Designs does most of our Graphic design – working with your current branding, or how about a fresh, new look? With over 20 years experience in the graphic design industry, we are (still) passionate about our work – colours, fonts, papers, finishing, advice on printing – let us inspire you to look good! Partnering with you, working within your budget, we can meet all your graphic design requirements.

Digital Ninja Training/Talks

Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker for your next event or an internet guru to train you/your team… Anthea is always keen to share some quick and easy tips and tricks for modern marketing, or share insight into the transforming world of information technology, millennials in the workplace, how artificial intelligence is changing our careers… and most things “geeky.” 

Video Design

More than 80% of the consumption of the internet is video. There are more than 70 hours of video added to YouTube every minute. Studies have shown that products are 40% more likely to sell if they have a featured video. What does this all mean? It means that humans have become lazy readers and so it is your job to entertain them with an informative video about your products or services (or company processes and policies) in order to get their attention.

Business Networking

Rub shoulders with fellow like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and other creatives from your area. Seize new ideas, opportunities and trends to get you moving in a positive and accelerated direction. “Networking is an essential part of building wealth. For a small business owner, networking can also be a source of support, fresh ideas and new business opportunities” – Armstrong Williams

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Specialised Design Services

In today’s world of technology, there are only too real limitations. The first is imagination and the second is the financial situation. If you happen to be one of those brilliant people in the world that want to do things differently, BRING IT ON!

We thrive on complicated scenarios… unchartered territories are nothing new in the world of tech. We have a vast network of amazing professionals who can help turn your “out there” ideas into world-changing pieces of technology. Whether you seek to fulfil an untapped desire or niche market… or solve one of our humanities frustrations, AppCity has your back. Let us bring our brains to your table and punt some traction into your dream, goal or idea.


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