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We love creating effective, affordable & measurable solutions that are geared towards taking you & your business to the next level.

We work with You to achieve Your goals within Your budget

AppCity App Design and Development

App Development

Unpacking your concept into a feasible solution

On average, you spend more than 80% of the time on your phone in an app. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why?” The answer would probably be because apps are convenient, they add value to our lives and our businesses. It’s time to join the business app revolution and develop your app to add value to your business, your clients and/or your suppliers.

Information Systems Consulting

Finding innovative solutions within your budget

We believe in disrupting the way things have always been done by thinking differently. We challenge people to step outside their traditional systems and into the wonders of the digital age.  Why not let us analyse and identify new avenues for business growth and passive revenues for your company?

AppCity Website Design

Website Design with Training

Empowering businesses to take control of their online presence

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your online presence so that it’s in alignment with the quality and professionalism of your products and services, or start a fresh new project from concept, you need an experienced, honest and understandable tech person. With AppCity, you will be nurtured each step of the way, with total transparency and no overpromising.

AppCity App Design and Development

Marketing & Induction Videos

The quickest and easiest way to get your message across is in the form of video

More than 80% of the consumption of the internet is video. There are more than 70 hours of video added to YouTube every minute. Studies have shown that products are 40% more likely to sell if they have a featured video. What does this all mean? It means that humans have become lazy readers and so it is your job to entertain them with an informative video about your products or services (or company processes and policies) in order to get their attention.

Teneal and Anthea do AppCity's Consulting

Branding & Graphic Design

Ready for a personalised and truly custom branding experience

We do things differently at AppCity. We believe that by working together (side by side or sharing a screen in an online meeting) with our clients enables us to achieve a personalised branding outcome. One that’s guided by the colours, fonts and inspirations of you… our clients. Our designers can show you hundreds of fonts and ideas in a matter of minutes. This make working within your budget much easier… from logos to billboards and everything inbetween.

AppCity Website Design

Digital Ninja Training

It's time to help you shine online

If you’re looking for a quirky yet informative keynote speaker for your next event or an internet guru to train you/your team… Anthea is always keen to share some quick and easy tips and tricks for modern marketing, or share insight into the transforming world of information technology, millennials in the workplace, how artificial intelligence is changing our careers… and most things “geeky.”

Let's Start Something new
Collaboration is key!

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We have adopted the culture of working WITH our clients instead of FOR our clients. This new approach allows us to develop stronger understandings of each other's company's and develop an efficient, effective and empowering way of doing business together.

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