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Why we do it

We love what we do therefore we don’t work.

Reason one

Modern marketing is eating away at traditional/interruption-based marketing more and more each day. We believe that  the reason for this is because modern marketing adds value to customers in ways traditional marketing never could and never will. We want to drive a trend of adding value to customers.

Reason two

1000s of apps are added to the Apple App and Google Play stores every day, over 200 hours of YouTube is uploaded every minute. Together with you, our challenge is to do things differently. Let’s try to create an unique selling point that will keep you a step ahead of your competition. We love helping businesses be authentic.

Reason three

Learning about different business models and applying our knowledge and skill-set to assist with creating something that not only matches your brand, meets the professionalism of your work but also adds value to your most valuable assets; your clients and your staff. We love working with you rather than for you. “We are more powerful when we empower each other.”

What our customers say

We value our reputation more than words can say!

“The PCB so proud to be the first chamber of business in the country to have an app. Keeping Pietermaritzburg informed about electricity, water and other issues affecting businesses through my push notifications has added value to our community in an effective and efficient way.”

Melanie Veness | CEO, Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business

“I’ve always wanted to have full control of my website instead of having to wait for service providers to do updates or changes for me. It’s a mixture of Anthea’s friendly approach to teaching web-design, easy to use WordPress themes, reference video tutorials and timely support responses that keep me coming back to AppCity for more.”

Greg Aitkenhead | Director, Superior Vision

Let's Start Something new
Collaboration is key!

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We have adopted the culture of working WITH our clients instead of FOR our clients. This new approach allows us to develop stronger understandings of each other's company's and develop an efficient, effective and empowering way of doing business together.

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