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Que Consolidated CEO - Johann

Que was one of AppCity’s very first clients. Both our businesses and our business relationships have grown from strength to strength. Que’s website, brochures, social media training and even their office line’s voice prompts are done by AppCity.


Dr Anastasia Botha Aesthetics

AppCity is happy to be working with such a wonderful team of ladies on a monthly basis. Dr Anastasia Botha isn’t afraid to spend money on social media and AppCity is proud of the results that we so often get working hand in hand with this special client on their Facebook and Instagram marketing.


Q-Avenue Cosmetic goes Online

Nyameko and AppCity sat together for three 2 hour sessions in our favourite coffee shop and smashed out an online shop with a payment portal, social media platforms and print designs for her new brand.

Superior Vision's Website Refresh with Greg.

AppCity visited Superior Vision for two days to refresh their website and empower Greg with some nifty online skills. Greg loves taking ownership of his online presence and is always enthusiastic to learn new things. Our bartering relationship has seen the exchange of skills for AppCity’s projector and it’s accessories.

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We have adopted the culture of working WITH our clients instead of FOR our clients. This new approach allows us to develop stronger understandings of each other's company's and develop an efficient, effective and empowering way of doing business together.

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