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It’s important to know how to Avoid or Survive a threatening situation in our country. Fear, panic, tunnel vision, shock – we all are going to experience it… your body entering a primal state in which you either fight or flee. Suitable for below to average fittness levels.

What Don Gold teaches is: not to freeze, to understand what you are dealing with, and to see the opportunity for survival. If I want to become a pianist, I’m not going to learn to play the piano on the computer; I’m going to practice on a piano. The same applies with self-defence; you need to physically practice the techniques so they become second nature to you.

This is why we strongly advise doing more than one course or doing the same course a number of times, and once every so often to retain your memory and harness your natural reflexes effectively. If not, why not? Contact us and book a private mother and daughter class, It’s safe, it works and it really is very simple. Gift vouchers are also available… give a loved one a gift that could one day save their life.

Calling all hilton

Moms and daughters

Experienced Trainer

Don has many years of experience in law enforcement, security and martial arts. A founder member of the SA Police Special Task Force, involved in undercover investigations and close protection work, he was also an IED technician before serving as chief police reservist in the Kwazulu Natal Midlands with the rank of Lt. Colonel. 

Real Work. Real Results.

What you will learn

Focus on avoidance

Course includes:

  • Fight or Flight: Understanding what happens to our bodies during this state.
  • Focus on “environmental and body awareness skills”
    • Discover your natural weapons: elbows, knees and fingers
    • Discover soft targets: pressure points
  • Improvised weapons: How to identify available objects to use.
  • Simple 3 Stage movement and methodology for spontaneous reaction
  • 5 point strategy for keeping safe
  • Hands on practical experience

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Don has helped me regain my self confidence through this fantastic course. I highly recommend everyone sign up and learn how to protect yourselves in this harsh SA environment.

Jessica Filips

I never felt safe walking in town and now I feel sorry for anyone that tries to attack me. Thanks to Don, I am an empowered women, not to be messed with. 

Jabu Nkosi

Investing in you self protection is the best investment you will make all year. 

Robyn Clarck

Pricing Plans

Our aim is to empower you and your loved ones with the skills to protect yourself. Although all of these courses are “stand alone,”  for best results we recommend that you do all three courses over a period of one year and then a refresher course once every two or so years. 

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