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Layout Design

We would edit this text to do with Layout Design.


We would edit this text to do with Irrigation.


We would edit this text to do with Landscaping.

Plant Selection

We would edit this text to do with Plant Selection.

What’s the deal and… What’s the catch?

Getting online has never been easier. AppCity’s brainchild, Anthea, has developed this user-friendly way of ordering, editing and publishing websites for small business owners.

How does it work? 1: You fill in the form below. 2: We send you a questionnaire to get your content. 3: We register your domain name (and emails) together or point your domain to AppCity. 4: You pay the once-off design fee of R2500. 5. We make your website go live and index it on Google for you.

Once-off & on-going costs: R2500 is for the editing of the above template with your details, helping with domain registration or pointing and launching your website online. The on-going cost of R100/month is for your website hosting. You pay for AppCity to safely showcase your info online. AppCity also gives you a free SSL certificate annually. Buy a 12-month bundle and only pay for 11.


Order your LOCKSMITH COMPANY website for only R2500 during November.

Do you have a registered domain name? (www.awesomelocksmith.co.za)

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