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How much does app development cost?

We are often asked to provide a quote for app development but building an App is like building a house. The contractor can’t quote you on a house without knowing some important details like the number of rooms, bricks, or wood and such… similarly, we need to know more about what you need to give you an informed quote. Here is our process:

Why your business needs an app

We all know the 80/20 concept in business… we tend to spend 20% of our time doing the work that earns 80% of the money and the other 80% of our time is spent doing the admin. Apps are here to help you and your business to spend less time doing the work that doesn’t earn the business extra money. Whether you are a small start-up business or a national or international brand, you know that apps will continue to evolve.

Are you ready to join the App evolution and simplify your life?

AppCity is a channel partner for 3 app development platforms and a team of custom app developers. Our solutions are customised to your budget and your needs.

What makes an app successful?

It’s not enough to just develop an app, why are we designing this app for you, what are we solving, how are we giving you a competitive advantage and what benefits will your business enjoy?

It’s not just about coding… it’s about the mobile app ecosystem as a whole… the context is key. There are huge opportunities for app development and business growth. In 2016 the global app revenue was R510 Billion, in 2020 it’s predicted to be over a trillion. AppCity guides you step-by-step to ensure that you get the best app for your business.

It’s all about engagement and functionality. Users have to gain value by using your app for it to be successful.

The average user checks their phone 150 times a day. 90% of time spent on mobile devices is within an app. THINK ABOUT THIS… In October 2016  internet consumption on mobile devices reached 51%. That means that the remaining 10% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent browsing the internet… which is more than half of the consumption of the internet. 

It is AppCity’s role to understand the mobile app world and ecosystem. 80% of users have their phone on them ALL the time. Why not let AppCity help shape the potential of your app. Let’s invest our time and resources in the best way possible for your business or app idea.

Can you identify the opportunity? Here are some stats that might help…

Times the average person looks at their phone daily


Average % of time on phone spent in apps


% of people that always have their phone


% of smartphone users that grab their phone when waking up

Explore some of AppCity’s methods for App Development

Magnitude Apps for Collaborative Quality Management

Passion, determination and a phenomenal team have developed a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to help businesses collaborate and enhance their quality management. This tool is mobile and web-based, it has access to all touch-points in a business and it offers simple but effective reporting and data analysis capability. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. AppCity is a proud channel partner of Magnitude. Let’s meet and AppCity can demonstrate just how powerful this platform is and how it can transform your business.


Small Business Loyalty Apps

Let us help take your business to places it’s never been with these expertly designed skinned marketing apps. Built using your brand and incredible technology that is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. Use the app features to grow your business. Reward new client app downloads and incentivise existing client referrals, client check-in’s or send push vouchers on special occasions. These apps are perfect for hairdressers, barbers, coffee shops and membership organisations.  

Small to Medium Business Apps

AppCity has developed two app building platforms, with which we are able to develop basic to very advanced mobile applications, using our pre-build app templates and modules. We have developed 55 app modules and each of these modules function in a pre-determined way.

We are able to developed custom modules for our platform as well, in additional to being one of the most affordable custom application development companies in South Africa. Custom applications are usually 10 to 20 times more expensive than using our pre-build app modules. Our basic apps start at R9 000, a custom application usually starts at around R100 000.

Custom Coded App Development

Looking for custom development? We can build custom mobile apps to spec that are NATIVE OR WEB-BASED for Android, Apple IOS, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. We don’t have to change your current website or web application to include a compatible mobile web version of your business. With the help of PHP and MYSQL. your mobile visitor to your business website will be directed directly to your mobile website or mobi site.

We’re having a Small Business Marketing App Special

Once Off Development R8 000

  • App Design, Build and Launch
  • Unlimited push notifications (messages sent by you)
  • 20 Geo-Fence pins for notifications
  • Voucher systems (push, welcome, referral and check-in)
  • Gallery page
  • Request a booking
  • Specials tab
  • Direct call button
  • Built-in analytics
  • 1 hour One on one training  on App management
  • Marketing Materials: 1 x A1 + FB Poster design included

Extra’s that are charged separately

  • Integration with your online shop
  • Animation tour of app
  • Animation promotion of app
  • Graphic design – posters/social media ads
  • Membership portals, payment portals
  • Extra training after the free 1-hour session
  • Stock images
  • Extra functionality built into website and pulled into app

Monthly Cost of Hosting and Updates – R 800

  • Security and adaptability updates
  • App Hosting on Google Play and Apple App Store*
    *amount increases to R1 000 once 1000 downloads are reached, then the cost is capped at R2 000 after 2000 downloads for unlimited downloads.

Examples of AppCity’s Marketing Apps for Small Business


Ground Coffee App

Download the Ground app for a free coffee. Check-in with your app for free coffee. Ground rewards their loyal customers with free coffees by making use of the “check-in” voucher feature of their app. They also reward customers for sharing the app with their friends. Download the Ground Coffee app by clicking HERE or searching for “Ground Coffee House” on your Google Play or Apple App store.


The PCB App helps keep businesses informed with verified information about water and power outages, strikes and any events affecting businesses in and around PMB.  The app also showcases a directory of small businesses offerings in PMB and surrounds AND it has an amazing quarterly lucky draw. Download the PCB app by clicking HERE or searching for “Appcitysa” on your Google Play or Apple App store and scrolling to PCB App.

Aliwal Security App

The Aliwal Security App provides improved security accessibility with a direct call button for emergencies, it has Geo-Pins that notify the logistics security fleet when they are in dangerous areas or when there is any circumstance when the truck they are escorting could be in danger. It also provides a safe and affordable taxi services in Hilton, KZN.  Download the Aliwal app by clicking HERE (from your phone) or searching for “Appcitysa” on your Google Play or Apple App store and scrolling to Aliwal.

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